Kickin' Kountry 101


Monica, a seasoned radio personality with years of experience, midday host for 99.9 KONY Country. Her love for country music was sparked at her very first concert, where she witnessed Kenny Chesney perform at the Houston rodeo back in 2001. Before gracing the country airwaves, Monica is also a vibrant morning show radio personality on 99.5 The Fan Sports Network. While she might not be a sports expert, she’s not shy about admitting she relies on her husband, who also happens to be her intern, to keep her updated and run her fantasy football league. A proud Texan through and through, Monica’s diverse interests shine as brightly as the Lone Star State. She holds a black belt in boxing (no need to fact-check that!), and she’s an accomplished ballerina with 18 years of training, even if she doesn’t use those moves as often these days. Monica is not just a radio personality; she’s a devoted mother to two beautiful daughters and has been happily married for 13 years to a spouse who’s a hottie with a body. In her free time, she aspires to be a Cornhole champion and holds a self-proclaimed PhD in sunbathing. “When it comes to food, there’s no dish she won’t try. With Monica, every meal is an adventure. But now, you can find her doing what she loves most – hosting ‘Monica Till Midnight’ from 7 pm till Midnight Eastern on The All New Kickin’ Kountry 101. As a passionate radio host, loving mother, and a Texan with a zest for life, Monica brings a unique blend of experiences and interests to your evening airwaves.

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